Monday, 14 May 2007

How did TOC come about?

Hi again! Having suffered with Psoriasis I know what skin care products full of chemicals can do.
TOC was started because I was unable to use any commercial products available at the time.
By using only the finest organic ingredients, oils, fruit, herbs, goats milk and honey and even organic spring water. I have been able to develop a range of soaps and skin care products which can be used with confidence by people with the most delicate of skin.
My baby range is very popular and over 50% of my sales are through recommendation.
Bug Buster Shampoo (no more nits) This shampoo bar has to be my best seller. I also do a conditioner for those children with curly and very fine hair.
Because there are no chemicals in the products it is safe to use at all times. I supply a number of PTA's as well as teachers (who use the shampoo and conditioner on their own hair, (just in case). If used as their general shampoo they should be kept free from head lice.

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